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Hair Color Application

Color Application


Our stylists are trained in the most cutting edge color techniques and use one of the highest of qualities of product.  Upon consultation, your stylist will find the perfect color to fit your request.  Whether your just looking to recreate your color, update your look, or correct your color, we can do it!







Color Including:               Blowout        Haircut

Base Re-Touch-             $90              $110

Full Color-                        $125            $145

Mini Highlight-                 $70              $90

Partial Highlight-             $105            $125

Full Hlighlight-                 $125            $145

Ombre-                              $135            $155

Additional Colors- $10/bowl

Olaplex Add on-    $30

**All prices vary depending on hair texture, length, thickness, etc.


**If the color you want is a vibrant, fashion color (Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Grey, etc.) be sure to rememeber these things:

1) Your hair may have to be lifted to a light or pale blonde before the vibrant color is applied.  This takes time and depending on the condition your hair is in, it may take a few visits.

2) A LOT of the pictures you see on the internet are photoshopped!! We will do our very best to get it as close to your expectations as possible.  We often get close, but it will never be EXACTLY the same as a picture.  

3) Fashion, Vibrant colors fade. Even with the best color lines they will fade.  Here are some tips to help them last as long as possible:

A) Do not wash your hair for at least 48 hours after your color service.  This will allow the color to oxidize fully and settle in.

B) I recommend purchasing shampoo and conditioner from the salon.  This will ensure you are using products that are suitable with the color and not hindering it.  If you choose not to buy products from the salon, be sure to stay away from clarifying shampoos or anything with sulfates as they will strip the color from the hair.

C) Wash your hair in cool water.  Hot water opens the cuticle and cool water closes it.

D) Invest in a dry shampoo, the less you get it wet or wash it, the longer it will last!